We rely on results published by the official vuelta organization. If this information is not available for some reason, then will decide.

Any adjustments to the official results (in connection with doping, etc.) that arise after has updated the scoring will have no effect on the updated scoring. In other words: we will not adjust scorings.

You can earn points for each of your predictions (No. 1-8). Points are calculated as follows.

8 minus the absolute difference between the place value in your prediction and outcome.

For example: Cyclist X in your forecast at number 7 ends in this race as third.

8 - | 7-3 | = 4 points

Another example: Cyclist Y is in your forecast at number 4 and finishes fourth:

8 - | 4-4 | = 8 points.

Last example: You placed Cyclist Z in your prediction at number 2 and he ends as eighth:

8 - | 2-8 | = 2 points.

For each stage you can earn a maximum of 64 points.

Create a subleague

Key feature of this game is that you can play against your friends, family, colleagues in your own sub league.

You can create a sub league by entering a sub league name during registration, duh!. If your colleagues, friends and family fill in the same sub league name during registration they will be added to the sub league automatically.

The person who first creates a subleague will be appointed as Sub league Captain and can delete users from the subleague if they joined without asking.

You can see your sub league when you are logged in by clicking on the link 'My Sub League'.

You may add your profile to one or more subleagues. You can manage this by clicking on the link 'My Sub League'.

So invite your friends, colleagues or family and don't forget to tell them your sub league name. For easy inviting use the tell-a-friend link.

Fill in a prediction

After you created a profile you can fill in your prediction.

For every stage you must predict the top 8 results. You can save your prediction until 5 minutes before a race will start.

Create a Profile

To save your prediction for the Vuelta a España 2010 pool you must first create a profile.

You can create a profile by clicking on the link 'Join Now' in the menu bar. Choose a username, password and fill in your e-mailaddress.

Optionally you can fill in the name of a subleague. See the section 'Create Subleague' for more information on this subject.

After you created a profile you are automatically logged in, so you can immediately predict your favorite Vuelta a España 2010 drivers.

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